pasionae philosophy


PASIONAE® is a contemporary jewelry label based in New York. Its designs, which include many bespoke and one-of-a-kind pieces, reflect an intriguing and experimental use of color, shape and texture conveying dramatic and bold fashion statements.

Using the raw, natural forms of precious stones and diverse elements such as emerald, wood, glass and silver, Pasionae gives each individually handcrafted accessory a unique personality.

Primarily inspired by human passions, each of Pasionae’s metamorphic designs capture powerful emotions and stay true to the concept of l’art pour l’art (art for art’s sake).


  • Deleite: Excitación Irracional
  • Amor: Afecto Irracional
  • Lujuria: Deseo Irracional
  • Dolor: Aflicción Irracional
  • Cólera: Ira Irracional
  • Temor: Miedo Irracional
  • Odio: Aversión Irracional
  • Piedad: Compasión Irracional